Firefly Designs 



Fall Winter 2012

"all things are possible"

After serious flooding in Thailand that affected our workshops and our homes, the fall/winter 2012 collection has been designed with determination, love, commitment and the renewal of all things great and small

Designed by Ellen London and Made in Thailand, The Jacket Lady® works with older, single women tailros and sewers who earn money for their families by working on the construction of our designs.  Your item may have been cut, sewn, ironed or finished by hand by Kesorn, Piporn, Wong, Nee or Toong.

We use fabrics from Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.S. - combining the textures into "weearable art" with special attention to color, content and overall "look."  We create the best possible medley of elements just for you.

At Firefly Designs Africa * Asia, we care about people - the mingling and similarities of global cultures - and the sense of pride and enjoyment you will have from your new article of clothing. 

All Things are Possible



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