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Fall Winter 2013

"Liliana the Ballerina"

Once upon a time, a small girl lived just outside of Moscow. She was neither rich nor poor, but somewhere in the middle when it came to her family's financial matters.  In the winters, it was cold and her biggest happiness was when the sky turned, the weather changed and winter snows fell from the sky.  When it was quiet, she would turn the metal on her music box and listen to the music of her favorite ballet - "Slavonic Dances" by Dvorak.


Her name was Liliana, and what she loved to do most of all was to dance the ballet.  On her 5th birthday, her grandmother gifted her a pair of pink ballet slippers.  On her 12th birthday, her mother gave her a  Christmas present of a pair of toe shoes.  Afer school every year, and every day, and all day on Saturday - she would be taken to the Ballet Academy where she would practice with the other students

Liliana was an excellent student in her academic preparation, but her passion for the ballet and music were where she excelled most of all.  When Liliana danced, it was as if she could fly; the world stopped for that magic.  Upon completion of her academics, Liliana auditioned and was accepted into the Mosco Ballet.  Liliana's sustenance derived from the music, the dance, the corps, and her dream to be a soloist.  The music, the costumes, her ability to move with spirit within the discipline of the ballete, and to be one with the music and the choreography was a dream come true.

Liliana would prepare in the morning with her leotard, a skirt, ballet flats or lace-up boots - depending on the weather.  She would tie a sweater around her leotard, a s



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