Firefly Designs 




Each person has his / her own preference for the way clothes fit.

Jackets: Are typically loose or semi-fitted. Jackets with cotton / spandex fabric content are typically a bit more fitted.

Pants: Pants from Firefly Designs with clasp and zipper are typically snug at the waist and semi-fitted over the legs, with a comfortable fit over the hips. Tie-belted and elastic-waist pants are typically loose fitting.

Blouses: Over-blouses / tunics are loose-fitting; t-strap and Oriental silk with side closures are semi-fitted.

Dresses: The dress offered by Firefly Designs is a cotton knit and form fitting to semi-form fitting - depending on your preference on the way you like to wear you clothes.

Skirts: Casually semi-fitted A-line skirt in either an above the knee (from the waist to the hem on the side) or mid-calf length.




BUST Measure NOT tightly around the fullest part of your bust.
WAIST Measure at the place of your waist.
HIP Measure around the fullest part of your hip which is between 8-9" from your waist.
SHOULDER Measure from you neck to the top of your arm.
SLEEVE LENGTH Measure from the top of your arm to your wrist.
JACKET LENGTH Measure in back from the base of the neck to bottom edge for hemline.
ARMHOLE CIRCUMFERENCE Measure the circumference around the top of your underarm adding 1" to the actual measurement.
INSEAM (FOR PANTS) From the top of the inner thigh to the ankle.
SKIRT LENGTH Measure from side waist to bottom hem.